Warren dig alarms cave men

LOS ANGELES —  Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s dig at Mayor Pete Buttigieg over holding a fundraiser in a wine cave appears to be backfiring.

Hoping to paint Mayor Pete as beholden to billionaires, Warren blasted him for hosting a fundraiser in a wine cave “full of crystals and filled with $900-a-bottle wine.”

Delivered at the latest Democratic debate, the remark triggered outrage across the country – premoninantly among males who fear that Warren’s attack on wine caves is the first step down a slippery slope.

“She’s coming for our man caves, you wait and see,” said Earl Scratchpitts from Baton Rouge, La. “I don’t trust her one bit. She wants our recliners, our big screens, our NFL Redzone channel. Doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative. If Warren gets elected, she’s gonna take it all.”

Scratchpitts urged Warren to consider the unintended consequences of a war on man caves. “Men don’t want to move the mini-fridge into the living room, hang a NASCAR poster over the mantle and fart on the good furniture, but we will,” he said.

Brad Broberg

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