Take a trip down Memory Lane

PAID ADVERTISEMENT – You loved their alternative facts and surreal crowd estimates. Period. Now, just in time for another election year, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway have reunited to put their unique spin on a collection of popular songs.

From their mournful cover of Midnight Train to Mar-A-Lago to their desperate rendition of Donny B. Goode to their heartfelt version of Don’t Stop Deceiving, Spicer and Conway are the Captain and Tennille of denial and complicity.

Stumped by what to give the Fibberlips fan in your family? Don’t settle for a MAGA hat or a bottle of covfefe. Give them a gift that will say over and over Don’t Get Fooled Again.

They’ll be spellbound by Sympathy for the Donald, mesmerized by Hey Mr. Tangerine Man and thoroughly brainwashed by Another Brick in My Wall. But wait. There’s more. Eve of Obstruction. Ice Ice Baby. Vlad to the Bone.

Limited time offer – very limited. Order now and you’ll receive a boxed set of the president’s favorite films – including Psycho, Predator and Throw Rudy from the Train.

Brad Broberg


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