And now an important message from our sponsor

Pootie and Trfump

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – Hello. Welcome to Impeachment Theatre. I am host and sponsor — Vladimir Putin. Thank you, American peoples, for welcoming me into your political process – or at least pretending not to see me. Moscow Mitch, your are best!

Before final act begins, Pootie would like to take moment to talk about tragic disorder – chronic moronic nonsense (CMN) syndrome.

Pootie have good friend … more like useful idiot … with CMN syndrome. Very sad, OK?

CMN is no joke, OK? Symptoms include thin skin, swollen ego and severe reaction to windmills, LED light bulbs and Adam Schiff.


Men with CMN syndrome may experience uncontrollable desire to grope women, brag about groping women, then deny groping women. Also frequent and uncontrollable urges to wee in tweet hours … I mean tweet in wee hours. Can cause colon to go cuckoo. May need to flush 15 times. OK?


Poll numbers may slump like limp carrot. If slump persists, must repeal environmental regulation, mock Greta Thunberg or call Judge Jeanine to elevate carrot … I mean poll numbers. OK? If all else fails, must go on diet, start exercising and .. uh, well … maybe just give up.


Please help Pootie find cure for my asset … I mean friend. Reach in wallet, pull out money … AND MAKE IT RAIN FOR POOTIE!

Brad Broberg

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