Threat to Romney rattles Dems


NOT THE NEWSROOM – A new poll indicates many Democrats are reversing course on gun control after organizers of a major conservative convention said Sen. Mitt Romney’s physical safety would be at risk if he attended their annual gathering.

Romney was the lone Republican senator to vote to convict  President D.J. Fibberlips at his impeachment trial, outraging Fibberlips supporters and prompting the leader of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to say he feared Romney would be in danger if he showed up at their convention.

“Look, I liked Mitt when he was a human being, but now he’s human scum,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Mitt is living in the past.There was a time when principles mattered to conservatives, but those days are over thanks in large measure to the tireless efforts of President Fibberlips to eliminate the cancer of integrity from the Republican Party.”

In the wake of this chilling warning, three-out-four Democrats say they need to arm themselves as heavily as conservatives to protect themselves in case they defeat Fibberlips in the upcoming election – especially since the Democratic nominee is likely to be either a woman, a gay man or a communist.

“If a pro-life, pro-Kavanaugh, pro-covfefe conservative like Romney faces bodily harm from fellow conservatives for following his conscience, we need to wake up and load up on guns, ammo and camo before they come for us,” said one terrified Democrat.

Brad Broberg


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