Uncle Joe outs Mayor Pete


NOT THE NEWSROOM — Joe Biden “went there” last week when he disclosed Pete Buttigieg is not Barrack Obama – a fact that Buttigieg has never denied but also never openly discussed.

The two men are part of a multi-candidate race for the Democratic presidential  nomination. Biden’s decision to out Buttigieg is widely seen as an act of desperation. Once the clear front-runner, Biden finished behind Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses and was trailing them in the latest polling ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

“Yes. It’s true. I am not Barrack Obama,” Buttigieg said. “But if you have a problem with who I am not, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel is with my creator.”

Not to be outdone, fellow candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobachur held a group Spartacus moment to announce they too are not Barrack Obama.

Brad Broberg



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