Like father like son


NOT THE NEWSROOM – D.J. Fibberlips Jr. continued to demonstrate his ability to fill his father’s shoes by suggesting Democrats want millions of Americans to die from the coronavurus as a way to hurt his father’s chances of being re-elected president.
Amid speculation that Junior is considering a presidential run of his own in 2024, his wild accusation was hailed by Republicans as another sign that there could be a Fibberlips in the White House until 2032 or until the Electoral College spontaneously combusts – whichever comes first.
“It’s exactly the kind of nasty, paranoid and utterly baseless assertion that got President Fibberlips elected, so yes, it’s great for the future of the Republican Party that his son appears ready to sustain the president’s unprecedented disassociation from truth, decency and vegetables – other than an occasional side salad,” said Sen Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). “My nose and I would be honored to serve another Fibberlips.”

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