Yes he did

NOT FAKE NEWS – The writers here at the new social media sensation Republicans Say the Darndest Things are working overtime to keep up with all the f@@@nuttery coming from the POS wing of the GOP.

Putting aside — for the moment — the insider trading travesty involving three Republican senators (and to be fair one Democrat ), we waggle our finger Bill Clinton style at U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes of California, who said now is a great time to visit restaurants because “you can get in easy” due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Tapping his vast reservoir of deceitful doubletalk, Nunes later tried to walk back his statement by claiming he was referring to drive-through service and by blaming “media freaks” for reporting his original nucking futz suggestion.


Brought to you by the Chronic Moronic Nonsense Syndrome Foundation, fighting malignant dumbf@@@ery since Inauguration Day 2017.

Brad Broberg

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