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NOT THE NEWSROOM – Welcome to another edition of Republicans Say the Darndest Things. Brought to you by the Chronic Moronic Nonsense Syndrome Foundation. Fighting GOP flimflammery since Inauguration Day 2017.

Already enshrined in the Gaslighting Hall of Fame for coining the phrase alternative fact, Kellyanne Conway continues to show why she is the best little liar on earth – either that or an idiot.

In her latest attempt to rewrite history, the White House senior advisor suggested the coronavirus is called Covid-19 because it is the 19th version of the bug.

Appearing on Fox and Friends – the go-to place for Fibberlips and his aides to get away with making stuff up – Conway said this:

“This is Covid-19, not Covid-1, folks. You would think that people charged with the World Health Organization, facts and figures, would be on top of that.”

Really. That’s what she said, folks. You can Google it.

Why on flat earth would Conway say that when everyone – except apparently her and Rush Limbaugh – knows that it’s called Covid-19 because it first appeared in 2019 and not because there are 19 versions of it?

Conway said it to suggest the WHO did nothing to fight versions 1-18 — which exist only in her head — and defend the decision by President Fibberlips to cut WHO funding.

We here at Republicans Say the Darndest Things got to thinking. What other numerical nuckfuttery might be rattling around in Conway’s skull?

We found out that her favorite musical group is the Jackson Four, her favorite song is Love Potion Number 8 and her favorite rapper is 49 Cent.

Conway is a huge San Francisco 39ers fan, eats Two Musketeers bars three times a day and – sadly for a woman her age – shops at Forever 20.

Her favorite book is 1983, her favorite movie is None Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and her favorite Star Wars character is R2-D1.

When she wants to relax, Conway grabs a five-pack of 6-Up from the Seven-10, spikes it with MD19/19 and plays Connect Three with her kids

Really. But don’t Google it.

Brad Broberg

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