Answer if you dare

Costco coronavirus

Welcome to day one of my Get Off Facebook for a Week Challen … damn it!

All right. New challenge. And not something lame like Share 10 Album Covers in 10 Days. We don’t have that much time. In 10 days we could all be dead from long hair. Let’s try a Five Day Challenge. And let’s not worry too much about being appropriate.


Hmmm. How about sharing …


Five Things You’ve Used In Place of Toilet Paper.

Five Places You’ve Never Shaved. The answer can relate to geography or anatomy.

Five Reasons So Many People Liked “Tiger King.”

Five Reasons Pot Shops Are Essential Businesses. See above.

Five Places You’ve Been Caught Scratching Yourself. The answer can relate to … OK. Not gonna go there.

Five Slimy Things You’ve Stepped on Barefoot. Bonus points if one was Mitch McConnell.

Five Noble Prize Winners from the University of YouTube.

Five Times You Blamed the Dog for “That Smell.”

Five Times You Wanted to Reach Through the Phone and Strangle the Next Person Who Said: “We Are Experiencing a Higher Than Normal Volume of Calls.”

Five Places in Your House Where You’ve Hidden from the Church Ladies.

Five Ways to Keep Wine Bottles from Clanking When You Roll Your Recycling to the Curb. Asking for a friend.

Five Things You Still Haven’t Opened After Panic Shopping at Costco Seven Weeks Ago.

Five Times You Couldn’t Identify the Meat in Your Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Five Friends Who Don’t Know – But Will Soon – That You Hide Their Posts.

Five Ways to Fix Pork Butt. This is not a Trump joke. You can’t fix stupid.

Brad Broberg

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