A little (dis)respect

Image may contain: 2 people, closeup

NOT THE NEWSROOM – Former First Lady Michelle Obama is furious over comments President Fibberlips made about her speech at the Democratic National Infomercial.

“I tore him a new one and the best he can do is, ‘She’s in over her head.’ Really? That was MY line about HIM!,” Obama fumed.
“Why won’t he say it?” she continued. “Why won’t he give me the same respect he gives Pocahontas and Crooked Hillary and Vicious Kamala? Why won’t he call me a nasty woman?”
Obama vowed she would make Fibberlips call her a nasty woman before election day or die trying. “His weak attempt at disrespect is disrespectful,” Obama complained. “Mark my words. That wannabe daughter-dater will have no choice but to call me a nasty woman. And very soon. How am I doing so far?”

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