Vote Out the Clown

Trump C;lown.png

Lacked the time and resources to turn this one into a music video, but I hope you enjoy the lyrics. Set to “Send in the Clowns” by Stephen Sondheim.


Are we asleep?
Is this a dream?
Such a strange thing
To be governed by tweet
It is what it is
It all seems surreal
It all seems absurd
Trying our best to make sense of nonsensical words
Yo Semite? Good Lord!
It is what it is
Just when we need a wise hero of old
A man who crushes on Russia controls the nuclear codes
Hiding the truth this crude bully brags
Plays COVID down
Red hat for a crown
A tragic shame
A leader so lame
He plays golf and pays porn stars and passes the blame
It is what it is
Fascists in tow
It’s a gong show
Stoking the fear
70K spent on hair
Why can’t everyone see, he’s an effing nightmare
It is what it is
Our only hope is
Vote Biden-Harris

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