Pardon us, dad

Image may contain: 3 people, beard

Please pardon us, dad, they wanna send us to the Big House, Oh No!
Related to you, we’re genetically screwed
We did bad things, we lied and bribed and we obstructed, Oh Yes!
You did it too, we just might squeal on you
We need a Hail Mary pass from out of the blue
Better throw it soon or Nancy’s coming for you
Jared’s crying mama, we can’t take the drama
Won’t be long before the feds subpoena Melania
If you need to throw somebody under the bus
Why not make it Rudy, he embarrasses us
We may all be guilty, but we won’t make your life easy
If you don’t prohibit prosecution quickly
We’re not messing around, immunity we must insistent on
We know everything, and we’re ready to sing
Picture yourself, in the prison shower, dad
So sign those bleeping pardons, or watch out for your ass!

Brad Broberg


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