Postcard from over the edge

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the folks back home who were unable to join us in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6.

Holy coup! I mean cow. What a day!

The president promised it would be wild and, goodness gracious, he sure knows how to keep his promises! We were truly blessed to be there!

Big crowds usually make me nervous, but we were wearing the armor of God – a.k.a. MAGA hats – so we felt no fear.

Not when we walked past a gallows. Not when we heard the crash of broken glass. And not when some well-meaning but over-caffeinated patriots expressed their extreme displeasure with the vice president.

No. We didn’t feel any fear. Just pride in celebrating our rights as entitled white Americans – mainly the right to march on Congress with a violent mob whipped into a frenzy by a deranged demagogue. All followed by dinner at Cracker Barrel. Good times!

I know what the media has been saying, but hey, police officers, firefighters, veterans and elected officials were all part of the mob, so how threatening could it be? It wasn’t like we were wearing pink pussy hats or anything like that.

One other thing. If anybody says Antifa was involved, I will hit them over the head with a fire extinguisher. All the credit goes to people like us – Trump supporters.

Sadly we never got inside. We heard the self-guided tours were a hoot! Some people even got to play tag with a Capitol Police Officer. Does that sound like an insurrection to you? I don’t think so!!!

God bless President Trump. And God bless the U.S.A. In that order.


Karen McMurcan

P.S. Not long after returning home, we were all diagnosed with COVID. I just don’t understand how that could happen.

Brad Broberg

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