The pretzel-dent’s Kool-Aid

Grandpa? Yes, Billy? How did the mean orange man become pretzel-dent? You mean president. Well, I’ve been thinking about that ever since the new president took office. Tell me, grandpa. OK  Billy. Once upon a time, there were people called Republicans.  About half the country belonged to the Republican Party or supported its principles. Pinch-a-pals?Continue reading “The pretzel-dent’s Kool-Aid”

Momma! Don’t call when I’m Trumping!

  Three insurrectionists walk into a bar. Bartender “Hey boys. Nice costumes, but Halloween is like 10 months away.” Trumpie 1: “These aren’t costumes. They are the armor of God!“ Bsartnder: “OK. Good to know.  Where you from? Wait. Let me guess. Mom’s basement?” Trumpie 2:  “We’re from Nunya.” Bartender: “Huh?” Trumpie 2  ”Nunya Bizness.Continue reading “Momma! Don’t call when I’m Trumping!”