Warren dig alarms cave men

LOS ANGELES —  Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s dig at Mayor Pete Buttigieg over holding a fundraiser in a wine cave appears to be backfiring. Hoping to paint Mayor Pete as beholden to billionaires, Warren blasted him for hosting a fundraiser in a wine cave “full of crystals and filled with $900-a-bottle wine.” Delivered at the latestContinue reading “Warren dig alarms cave men”

He tweets in mysterious ways

God @ The Pearly Gates Many thanks to Christianity Today for printing my editorial “Fibberlips Should Be Removed from Office.” So few publications accept stone tablets anymore.  #hardtoteachanoldgodnewtricks President Fibberlips @ POTUS Since when did God start tweeting and writing editorials? Bogus. TOTALLY BOGUS. Probably a 400-lb hacker sitting on his bed. #ormorganfreeman  God @ TheContinue reading “He tweets in mysterious ways”